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Forbidden Fruit Skateboards

Know Your Roots • Speak Your Truth


Skateboarding Research

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Photo by Jaden Rich

Our Story

Forbidden Fruit Skateboards is 100% Woman/GNC & Queer owned.


We represent the herstory of traditional skateboarding culture and work to raise the voices of non-traditional skateboarders around the world.

Our goal is to create a circular economy within the skateboarding community so we can continue to sponsor skaters and drive the culture forward. We are dedicated to Transparency, Sustainability, and Equity in everything we do. 

Over the next few years we will be investing in women, gender nonconforming, and queer skateboarders directly as we scout out our official team.

Follow @forbiddenfruitskateboards on Instagram for updates on contests, events, and other opportunities. 

Forbidden Fruit Symbol_2x.png

Ask Us Anything

IG: @forbiddenfruitskateboards

We'll be in touch!

We're building out our FAQ, so if there's any questions you have about who we are and what we do feel free to ask away!

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